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Laughter tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation


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A friend recommended that I contact Kit after I was diagnosed with colon cancer and extensive tumours in my liver. The prognosis was bleak and the doctors recommended that I undergo a course of chemotherapy to give me some time but stressed that it would not effect a complete cure. i was pretty desperate when a friend recomended that I look up Kit's website or contact her. This appealed to me as I was aware of the negativity, resentments and blame that I had been dragging around since my childhood which i was beginning to see may have contributed to my illness. With Kit and Louise Hay's help I began to wade through this weighty burden and discard it in favour of being in charge of my own destiny.....and gradually I felt lighter and freer until i no longer felt that I had been blighted by a difficult start in life. In tandem with this process I began to feel physically much better and I went from someone who could hardly walk without pain to the woman that could dance around the kitchen with her daughter.
My doctors were impressed by my progress and after only three chemo sessions (out of six) ordered a scan which subsequently showed that the tumours in my liver had reduced in size by more than fifty percent!!!! Immediately their language and demeanor towards me changed and they are now talking in terms of the possibility of further treatment to effect a cure or simply a complete cure from just this one course of treatment. Thanks Kit for your help and support, you have been an inspiation to me.
xxxxx Geraldine

Just been browsing your fabulous website, Kit.  It gives hope to so many people out there who are struggling with dis-ease.  You are a true inspiration and I'm so proud to know you.

wow. very polished. cool links to various areas of the site. love the photo on your profile page. will read more later. xooxox

Just what I would have expected from such an extraordinary person. Humour, compassion and elegance of mind and body.
Caro Prescott

Hello Kit. Your home page is very good. My husband and I love to read it.
Warm regards Gitta

I have walked the journey with Kit? Known her for many years - been apart for many years - but brought closer now , which is the point. Kit has walked the journey with me - actually us. Ron , my husband and Kit have the fight against cancer in common . Their fight against cancer won them back in order to illustrate to the world that they - showed their strengths and more. I would not have either of them in my life if it were not for this shared energy.I send more than love to them both. Davina.
Davina Kirby

hello kit gorgeous website, i love the logo. the whole site is very relaxing. alex is laughing at me, he thinks serene is a better adjective. best wishes and lots of love, hope to see you soon melissa & alex xx
Alex & Melissa