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Hands together

Laughing Her Way Back To Good Health

Kit's life B.C. (Before Cancer) was outwardly very enviable. She was a full-time wife and mother, with a hectic social and travel schedule.

She lived in New York, with her American husband and young son, for part of the year, spending Christmas and summer holidays in London.

In 1992 Kit was told that she had non Hodgkin's lymphoma -a treatable but incurable condition. At the time of diagnosis it was "indolent" (very slow-growing), but she was told, "It always gets aggressive.

If you are lucky it will take 20 years - unlucky five." She was 40 then, with a six-year-old son, so even 20 years' life expectancy was a shattering blow. But through a combination of a new treatment, her oncologist's determination and having the strength to confront the mess her life was in beneath the glossy surface,she was able to "pull off a miracle".Kit has written her story for I C 0 N, to show readers "there's fun to be had with cancer - trust me.

"I'm not going to claim a cancer diagnosis was something I enjoyed, that would be absurd. Like everyone else who has experienced it, my reactions were overwhelming and frightening, and each fresh treatment brought up the same shattering fear to be faced and conquered. I maintain, however, that the 'inappropriate sense of humour', that got me into trouble all my life, played a big part in getting me out of trouble on my cancer journey. Read more...

Health Creation Mentors

Health Creation Mentors like Kit Hammond are professional health coaches who are personally selected, trained by and in continuing professional development with holistic health pioneer, Dr Rosy Daniel, Medical Director and Sue Caden, Training Director of Health Creation.

Dr Daniel set up Health Creation with the mission to change the focus in medicine from its current emphasis on passive healthcare to active health creation. This means getting people fully engaged in becoming happy and healthy - bringing individuals back to a state where they enjoy optimum health and vitality whilst avoiding the costly and heart-breaking diseases of modern day living.

Have you been diagnosed with chronic or lifethreatening illness and want to improve your health and prognosis through self-help?

Many of the Mentors have come to Health Creation through their own health or life crises and fully understand the challenges and needs of those wishing to make positive change. Your Mentor will be your caring companion every step of the way in good times and bad till you reach your goals of health, happiness and whole-hearted-living.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS...

Two-Day Workshops
or Ten-Week Study Courses
based on the work of Louise Hay

Based on the best-selling book
by Louise L. Hay - You Can Heal Your Life

* Identify and transform your negative beliefs
* Release the resentments and long held angers that can poison your life
* Heal your personal relationships and heal your body
* Get a fuller understanding of the power of self-love
* Learn to do "mirror work"
* Get more of what you want in your life

· Experience many different techniques for transformation
· Make personal breakthroughs with new insights
· Welcome a new depth of self-love and acceptance
· Clear old patterns more fully

This is the workshop developed by Louise L. Hay, internationally renowned metaphysical teacher, lecturer and best selling author. It has allowed many thousands of people to make positive changes in their lives. Click her for dates of the next Workshop...

The Laughter Network

A group of professionals with diverse talents and a common goal to bring more laughter and joy into people's lives.

Laughter releases endorphins, giving us the 'feel good factor' Acts as aerobic exercise and is like 'internal jogging'
nleashes inhibitions, breaks down barriers
Great team building tool encourages better communication
Helps boost our immune system which helps resist disease
Tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation
Encourages positive thinking and creativity
Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension

Laughter Workshops having a positive effect on physical and emotional health
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