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What my Clients say!

Thank you for talking for so long yesterday. Everyone who has spoken to me since our conversation has commented on how uplifted I seem. You quite transformed my spirits, and thank you for contacting Health Creation for me - did you sense that I would find it difficult to ask for financial help? I would have "umed" and "ahed". But they have offered me 3 hours mentoring and I can't wait to talk to you again. How wonderful that you can offer so much out of your experience with cancer and I can imagine how wonderful it is for you too to be able to do that.
With lots of love Tracey xx

So good talking to you. Thanks for the info on laughter - fascinating, I will keep re-reading it. And I love the butterfly story. In fact I love butterflies.
I'm staying positive - thank you for your crucial help in that. Somehow you've picked me up from the bottom each time  - you have a gift and a generous spirit, a great combination.
May God bless you and yours richly
love Tracey xx
God bless you lots. You are an utterly gorgeous person. I've got to get better to meet you.

Dear dear dear Kit,
Thank you for everything that you have sent me. I'm thirsty and needy for it all. You do go the extra mile. I got your brochure this morning and read the quotes. I will order your book. I need to laugh more. My best friend,  Viv, lives in Switzerland and has for some time. Two other good friends live in Italy. They all say that what they really miss is a good belly laugh like we do over here. In fact when Elaine phones she often just laughs quite hysterically down the phone for a few minutes. A close friend is emigrating to a small Japanese island at the end of the month and is concerned about the langauge and cultural difference problems. My advice to her, based on Viv, Elaine and Yvette's experiences was to take British humour with her. In fact I think humour is the one thing we Brits do better than any other nation. But I'm not living it and boy do I need to and thank you for getting me to really think about this.
It was lovely to put a face to a voice, you are so gorgeous and you have such a special gift. I can't think of anyone who comes close to being able to make me really feel more hopeful and positive.
Loads of love Tracey xx

My dearest Kit
We met by accident so many years ago at a Lunar Club function.   I admired you immediately, not just because of your bravery in the face of a serious illness, but your love of life and your caring about others.    I am so delighted that you have found and married a soul-mate because you truly deserve lots of love (and cuddles).     I sincerely hope that our friendship - although not close because of the miles between us - remains for our lifetime and may that be long, healthy and happy.
Big hug, Jackie x x x x

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  For the advice you gave me yesterday.  It really perked up my point of view of the whole affair and I did what you said and it went down a storm.  So THANK YOU again.  I have to say that was a timely and much needed ‘run in and rescue’!
I just want to say what a wonderful person you are and how lucky I feel to know you and be able to work with you and talk with you.  You mentioned about others being critical but I think you are just about perfect!!  :)  (And you can tell Simon that’s not because you are a client - :) - but because I truly feel you are amazing and inspiring! Ok enough of the mushy stuff – have a sooooper day.
Love you lots. Alex

Thank you for a great morning and launching the first week of our years programme. There was a hard core of 6-8 members who expressed a determination not to join in at any cost, but they did in the end! Others whose concentration is normally low (30 Minutes max) stayed the course. David our heckler who has been the bane of many speakers/facilitators (including me) you dealt with great. 
Mike Andrew – Woking Mind


I feel delighted, privileged and proud to write this testimonial for Kit.  She is so serene, positive and happy; my personal port in the storm.  I long to have her ability to make people feel better about themselves and life.  Her calming influence comforts, reassures and turns around the negative feelings we all feel from time to time into positive action and renewed hope.   This lady has been through the Dark Night of the Soul, recognises it in others and helps them through.  God bless her.
R.C. Romford


An inspirational speaker – I laughed and learned a lot.
A.M. Muswell Hill


Thanks a lot for the workshop. It was a wonderful one, and you were absolutely great!
A.K Kingston


I could never believe that I could look in the mirror and say, “I really like and really love myself.” 
Now I can.  Thank you, Kit.
A.P-B London SW11

It really helps me to talk to someone like you who has been really up against it and has nevertheless healed. And another Capricorn! It gave me a boost of confidence about the future.
Anita Philips
I do feel that my work with you has helped me to overcome a huge barrier

Kit’s life transforming story will inspire you with the possibilities for your life.  She is a wonderful speaker.  
Patricia & Rick

A truly natural speaker.  Her testimonial is inspiring and the humour and depth of emotion that comes through I her delivery always touches the heart.  Inspirational and unique speaker.

Kit is a truly inspirational speaker who speaks from the heart and touches the hearts of all who listen.  Her story is a series of personal miracles which have made her the fabulous person she is today.  Truly amazing. 

The energy that surrounds Kit is just amazing.  She is so willing to share that energy by word and action and is 100% capable to do so.  She has an interesting and inspiring voice.- well worth listening to. 

Kit’s powerful presence is sincere and emotional as she gives a brave account of her ‘miracle’ recovery from terminal cancer.  Truly inspiring speaker. 

Kit tells her story with such style and humour its easy to overlook her bravery and courage.  She inspires us all.

Kit is unique.  She is larger than life, a powerful and wonderful woman with an important message for you.  You will laugh with her and cry with her growing and living in the moment.  She will bring you back to life.  I recommend what she can do for you wholeheartedly.